Square Fill is out

In Square Fill you have to fill the target amount of space with squares, circles and other geometric shapes. You do this by dragging your finger on the screen. A line will appear from the centre of the shape to your finger. The longer this line is, the faster the shape will increase. Some levels have faster growth speeds than others. Be careful and don't let the enemies touch the shape before it is placed. Usually gravity is not your friend and avoiding the enemies is hard. Sometimes though gravity will help you squash enemies.

Things are not always as simple at they seem and you have to isolate enemies in order to win. Strategy is a key part in completing some of the levels.

Square Fill features a retro graphics style similar to an old TV set but we tried making it look more modern by using a lot of color.

Sometimes you'll have to be fast in order to finish a level, at other times you must come up with a good plan. The alternation between speed and patience makes Square Fill a unique experience.

Some of the challenges that you'll face in this game are:
- some shapes have a fast increase size while other grow really slow
- some shapes are harder to work with especially when gravity is involved
- variable speed enemies
- moving walls
- moving obstacles
- various levels of gravity
- restricted fill zones

We will add new challenging levels and mechanics in the future.